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  • Hi Darklirah,

    I was reading the EQDKP forums and saw where you were generous in your offer to help set up a forum members EQDKP system. I was wondering if I might enlist your help in an endeavor to build a new site for a mobile game that has been out for a while in Korea but recently has had very good success in the US, called Lineage II: Revolution a.k.a. L2R.

    I would be interested in doing the following:
    -Set up a DKP system for this game.
    -Make a template for future users.
    -Would also like a Forum section on the clan site if you could help me with that.

    I have used EQDP in my EQ/WoW days but it always was as easy as install and then load mods/add-on because the games were well supported. With a new wife and a bustling household I find it hard to commit time to games like I use to. I also tend to work a great deal and can never find enough time to do things. Hence why I would like to enlist your help in this endeavor! I would prefer to avoid as many road blocks in this process and someone with you knowledge could do that.

    Site : http://www.VoidL2RClan.com (1 Year Already Paid)
    Hosting: GoDaddy (1 Year Already Paid)

    All I have done so far is set up a SQLDatabase, Install EQdkp Plus Core 2.2.18, but as I have read in the forums this may not be the best version to run? I can easily reset the server and we can start from scratch if that would be easy-er. I can also make you a Admin on the GoDaddy account while we work to get the site up and running correctly. If upgrading hosting features in necessary I can do that as well.

    I have a background in Visual Media / Game Design and would like to create as part of my share of the work the template art, Icon Art, Banners and anything else needed to make this a bad ass site. I have Adobe Lic. Programs and can produce some nice art for your sites as well if you would ever need my help with it or if the community needs help I could also help there to every now and again.

    I plan on playing this game for a long time as it is accessible and easily played with a auto battle feature in game for farming afk. and it is PvP oriented. With that said, it has components that require us to distribute high end items earned by a 50 Member clan. These items cause loot drama as we have been doing officer decision loot and people don't trust officers in games anymore apparently LoL. This system will be updated manually by Officers and would like to do a silent 1 bid auction function and then a regular auction function that allows a total of 3 bid per member for a 24 Hour period. Is this type of function even possible? I have limited programming / HTML skills but not computer illiterate by no means.

    If your willing please let me know, we can Chat over Voice Chat or any way is convenient to you, I have included two forums of contact below that i check daily, I will also check here daily for a message. Hope to see one soon!

    Contact Information:
    https://discord.gg/WTJ9gG - Our Clan Discord Server, My user name is Boozie.
    Also you can e-mail me if you prefer that: TohaDro420@gmail.com

    Best Regards,


    Game: Lineage II: Revolution (Mobile Game)
    Server: Cruma 5 - North America 2 Region
    Character: Boozie, Warlord

    • Hi Boozie,

      Of course I will help if I can do so, no problem.

      Well first of all I will say a few things about me. I am no webdesingner at all, also no coder at all. everything I do and have donn ist try and error and learned by myself. So when it comes to do the basic coding of the game there are my skills very limmited.
      I am a bit familar with CSS and HTML in a very low manner, so don't expect too much.

      These were the "bad" news :-D

      So If you would like to join me working at your project - OK I am in.

      befor you start the template for the Gamen there is the hurdle to build the Game für eqdkp. For that purpose there ist to use the GAME Builder. With this you can build the basich game functions, such as Charakters, Type of roles - DD-Tank-HEAL etc. and put some basich graphics to the Gamen, Icons for races, roles.... such stuff.

      Make lists of races, roles, maybe which rce can play which role. I don't know your Game so this is your main part, because you play it. After that we can playaround with the GambeBulder and see what happens.

      For the templates I would recommend to start with the standard eqdkp modern style.
      Based on this you can extend the style, without writing it from scratch and have the benefit of Updates, because the basic is done by the eqdkp style where you only cusromise the stile with colours, Graphcs and some css-rules.

      So make yourself a simple picture how you want to have the look of the tenplate. Send it to me and I will try to make something similar - if I can.

      When we have any problems, no fear, the eqdkp tema will shurely help us, if we give the game and the template for others in the community :-D

      Hm sorry, my enlist is not the best, i am native german, so sometimes my english might sound funny .

      If you will give me a try, you can contact me via email: frank@wrhel.de or maybe via discor, but I have to reinstall Discord first, deleted it because I had noch further use for it.

      Maybe it would be a goot idea to use some kind of todo list/bugreporing handling software, to list everything and report to each other.

      The Installing EQDKP thing - use the complete package for eqdkp 2.3 makes no sense to develop for 2.2x any more, it is outdated, the 2.3 is in RC state so it will be sonn stable. Ans as I think ist isr more powerful than the 2.2x versions.

      Use this package to install, use the commonly used way to install it as described in the wiki

    • Use thi package to install it, not only the core package:https://eqdkp-plus.eu/repository/download#beta