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    Attempted to upgrade to 2.3.5 today and task build point cache stalled

    Build pointcaches

    Please leave this page only if all steps are completed.

    Execute step 895 of 35460

    Says don't leave page till all steps complete, been at step 895 for an hour now. What can I do

    The lifetime percentages are 0% (1/0) when I change the hour of the raids backwards from the time I am entering it. If I change the time even one minute behind I get the lifetime of 0% (1/0). Only when time is not changed or put a future time in does it report correctly 100% (1/1)

    We are backdating the raids at the time of entry to reflect the times we took the raid dumps thus encountering the issue of lifetime raid percentages not being accurate.

    The fix for this is for us to not change the time entries of the raids and move on or if an easier way to adjust the member creation date.

    Can't get a higher percentage if you are dividing by 0 liefetiem raids

    Ok I manually did this to test again, I entered a raid and made a new character and changed the time of the raid back 10 hours. Mind you I did this twice and got same result only changing the time of the raid from the time that is displayed when you enter the event 07.02.18 13:43 to 07.02.18 03:43.

    Gave me both these results

    1. MultiDKP Poolname Earned Spent Adjustment Current Raids (30 days) Raids (60 days) Raids (90 days) Raids (lifetime)
    2. Default 0 0 0 0 3% (1/37) 1% (1/78) 1% (1/122) 0% (1/0)
    Default 1 0 0 1 3% (1/36) 1% (1/77) 1% (1/121) 0% (1/0)

    Now if I changed the time of the raid to 07.02.18 14:43 one hour ahead of where it was first input I get the proper results

    1. MultiDKP Poolname Earned Spent Adjustment Current Raids (30 days) Raids (60 days) Raids (90 days) Raids (lifetime)
    2. Default 0 0 0 0 3% (1/37) 1% (1/78) 1% (1/122) 100% (1/1)

    I know see where in SQL file member creation date is but I don't wish to be messing around there and maybe having a member creation date in profile would help.

    Is there a way to adjust the first raid attendance of a player? When raids are added usually after the fact any new player added will get a start time of when they were added to data base. If said player raids in 3 events and those raids were time marked prior to actual data entry they get credit for events prior to their start time.

    This is an example, this player has attended 7 events but his first 3 events aren't included in the lifetime events as they were entered and backdated to actual raid start time.

    175% (7/4)

    Also, what exactly does this mean?

    Means when I updated to 2.3 the alignment of the php was not aligned properly and I was getting errors, I reverted back to 2.2.19 and didn't think any thing of it until I got reports that users were able to register. I will try and upgrade again this weekend and be more detailed if needed.

    Tried to install to 2.3 but failed and reverted back to 2.2.19 and now getting this:

    Installed versionFILE:, DB:

    New members unable to register and getting debug errors -

    Query: Unknown column 'user_alimit' in 'field list'


    Query: Unknown column 'birthday' in 'field list'

    Do I add these to the database?

    Maintenance update?

    I go to maintenance tab see Live update but this is all I see-

    Live Update

    Your EQdkp Plus is up to date. No updates available.
    InformationInstalled version2.2.18

    Do I need to update manually? By downloading and uploading files?

    In December Everquest had a new expansion that was released that increased player levels to 110. Last Everquest update was 09.23.15 09:04. With the release of version 2.3.1 the level cap was Increased to 105 which was in 2015. Can we get this updated to reflect new cap increase to level 110 please. Doesn't look like they are gonna stop at level 110 so maybe just increase level to 200 lol:P.



    Since Sunday when I add a raid it doesn't show up till an hour later. I also had to change all start time on calendar by 1 hour to show times raid start. I don't see an area for auto correct or adjust to daylight savings time.

    In last couple of days I have had numerous core.#### files

    Created and put in my dkp directory. This caused my site to go over it's data usage. My site support put the contents of one of these files in txt form but I can't upload it (1.11mb)

    example of these files here:
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.43643
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.20583
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.20602
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44216
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.17094
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44277
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.20537
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.17063
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44331
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.43628
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44473
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.43551
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.17325
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44609
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44431
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.44550
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.21251
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.20691
    353M ./public_html/iedkp/core.43615

    I can copy and paste text or email it to someone.

    This is what my host support said

    Quote from Site Ground Support

    The majority of the disk space usage comes from these core memory dump files. They are generated by one of your scripts not being properly executed.
    I would recommend consulting with your developer on locating the scrip that is generating them.

    I've exported the contents of one of those memory dumps in the following file, which you or your developer can use for troubleshooting

    Hi I was wondering where I can find these login in error messages. I want to edit them to say something else.

    1. If you have problems during your login process, please contact your administrator.
    1. Login - CMS-Bridge is active. Use your CMS/Board Data to login.

    Yes I copied the table from testdkp+ version i installed directly to the the one I was having issues with. It's working fine now

    I didn't see a maintenance update for 2.2 when upgrading site I followed the wiki.

    here is what my maintenance page says-

    Not necessary/already processed tasks

    2.0.0 Migration from 1.x EQdkp Plus 2.0 Migrate from 1.x 2.0.0 GodMod
    2.1.0 Update EQdkp Plus 2.1.0 Update 2.1.0 GodMod
    2.2.0 Update 2 EQdkp Plus 2.2.0 Update 2 2.2.0 GodMod
    2.2.0 Update EQdkp Plus 2.2.0 Update 2.2.0 Wallenium
    2.2.0 Update RC2 EQdkp Plus 2.2.0 Update RC2 2.2.0 Wallenium
    Update 2.2.3 EQdkp Plus 2.2.3 Update 2.2.3 Wallenium
    Update 2.2.10 EQdkp Plus 2.2.10 Update 2.2.10 GodMod
    Update 2.2.13 EQdkp Plus 2.2.13 Update 2.2.13 GodMod