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    Hi. First of all, thanks for all of the help so far. Now that I've started logging DKP and raids, I've noticed that the eDKP total is not calculating for my members. Is there some really basic setup that I'm missing aside from picking eDKP and setting the eDKP days (30) in the Points Management tab?

    Screenshot attached.

    Hello. I have taken over a crashed EQDKP-plus instance and it is up and running now. All of our functionality is good, except we used to have a job created that awarded a one-time bonus for reaching level milestones.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for recreating it? Can it be done in APA or would a cronjob have to be written for it?

    Our use case for example is:

    Character reaches level 55, is awarded one-time 5 DKP.
    Character reaches level 60, is awarded additional one-time 5 DKP.

    Thank you for the help.