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    I have gone through and done the setup multiple times and cannot get the Discord bot to work. I have read the previous posts and verified that i am using the right information in the admin settings portal. The bot just never shows on or active and is not responsive.

    Before I go messing anything up using RLI, can I just copy and paste the raid dump file into the area on the RLI import screen and it will upload all of the attendees to the raid? Or is there a good step by step guide on how to use/set this up. Thanks in advance.

    I cannot seem to be able to create a character as admin and assign it to you a user. I have a couple users that have signed up and not created a character, and I would like to create the character for them. If I create a character, the only users I see that I can assign a character to is another user who has already created a character. Example: Bob and John have signed up on the site. Bob hasnt created a character, but John has. If I try creating a character for Bob, then John is the only person available I can assign a character to.

    Thanks in advance!