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    Hey GodMod thanks for the reply.

    I did find the email from Feb 10th in spam folder for unlock information but it did not work, perhaps its been too long. I received: "Error. You have provided an invalid activation key."

    So I followed the instructions on I'm unable to register for a new account (its disabled) but I did it with rest of the steps. This was the result:

    I'm still unable to log in or send my send a reset email and getting "Your account is inactive" error.

    Please assist and thank you.

    I'm having an unusual issue.

    I'm the one who setup EQdkp-plus on our website, but another imports logs so I don't usually have to log on to it much.

    Today I tried to log in and I couldn't remember the password. After few times, I tried to reset password and it gave me this issue: "Error: User is inactive."

    Anyone know how to fix this issue?