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    Bug-ID: #1715 - Product: EQdkp-Plus Core

    When caching is enabled, it appears that the leaderboard's cache key does not take into account any filtering options, so you get an erroneous cached response for different queries.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Enable Caching
    2. Go to the points leaderboard to trigger it to cache.
    3. Try to filter the points page by cache, the leaderboard doesn't change.
    4. Clear the cache.
    5. Refresh the filtered points page, leaderboard has changed to only include that class.
    6. Remove the class filter to see all classes, leaderboard is still only showing that specific class.

    Bug-ID: #1708 - Product: EQdkp-Plus Core

    Error message:

    One of our officers mentioned that whenever they tried to update an item in a existing raid, they would get an error. It appears that the thing they were trying to do happened successfully, but I see the above error message in the logs that seems to be correlated. I cannot reproduce with my own super-user account however.

    It can't be an issue with .htaccess, because when I look at the HTML being generated it's say like ``<form action="//Points">`` or something, so the problem isn't that the SEO URLs aren't correctly making it to the PHP application, but that the PHP application is generating an odd action.

    The server_path was set to a single ``/`` and the URL-extension was set to /.

    This is not a fresh install, but one that has been migrated from servers and then upgraded from an older version to the latest version, so it's possible that either the migration or the upgrade introduced the issue. I'm not sure how to actually debug what the issue is though, I'm not super familiar with PHP (tend to program in Python) so the structure of a PHP application is fairly opaque to me.

    Bug-ID: #1706 - Product: EQdkp-Plus Core

    When SEO URLs are turned on (with / as the SEO option), a number of the forms on the website get generated with an action of something like ``//Points``, which gets translated to sending a request to ``http://points/`` instead of ``<current site>/points``. This affects a number of forms throughout the site, but one easy one to test is the one that lets you filter the leaderboard by class.

    Steps to reproduce:

    Turn on SEO URLs, visit a number of forms throughout the site.