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    Hey everyone,

    Been trying to figure this out, and didn't see anything in the search. I'm migrating eqdkp to a new host, and i am using the support tool. I backed up the database on the old host, copied all the data from the eqdkp folder, and i'm running through the support tool on the new host. Everything runs fine, i'm able to connect to the new database, but the support tool does not see the old database backup. I'm not sure what folder its even looking for it in?

    Are there any more detailed instructions on how the support tool is used?

    So i haven't really had to do any updating with eqdkp, but I have an extension update available and the message it gave me when i went to update made me a little gun shy. Does it overwrite any of the settings i've already made, or customizations? i assume the database info with the existing points and players is not effected by any extension update?

    Although if i'm understanding you correctly, i can just create the raid manually in event management? I assume that the raid name is really just a descriptor for the group of items that are looted. And the items are pulled from blizzards database? Cause the newly looted items from the new raid do seem to be showing up correctly.

    Hey Everyone,

    Not really sure what the process here is supposed to be, but a new raid has just been released in WoW, and its not available as a selection when doing the import. Is this something that gets updated automatically? Is it a part of the EQDKP updates, is it a game update, an extension update? Sorry for the ignorance, i'm just not sure what or if there is anything i need to do to resolve this.

    Thanks, look like i found the setting that was removing those players.
    It was set to remove people from the raid that had been there for less than 50% of the raid.
    Any idea how to disable the daily cron job to move players to inactive? In the setting i changed the timeout for inactive players to 0, hoping that would stop it from moving players to inactive status. It still however appears to be moving some characters to inactive randomly however.

    Hey everyone,
    Did a bit of searching and couldn't find my issues so i thought i'd make a new thread, hopefully simple config problems you can help out with.
    So i have EQDKP running well. We are able to do imports from Mizus raid tracker, and it seems to work pretty easily, we just have a couple of weird issues that i'm not sure where to look to fix.
    First, the site seems to be making random raid members inactive every day. There is a cron job that runs daily that i cannot change... and under General Admin -> Settings -> Characters, i have set it to hide inactive characters, and the timeout on it is 30 days. However the job seemed to randomly remove some people whether they were part of the days raid or not. For the moment we have disabled the time out and set it to 0 so it just never changes peoples status. We will see tonight i guess whether it decides to make some character inactive. I would prefer to disable the cron job, but that doesn't seem to be an option
    Secondly, when we do a raid import, it shows all the attendees correctly, and when they arrived. But as we advance through the import, at the end it entirely removes people that only had partial attendance. We can add them in manually later, but i don't know why its completely removing them from the list of attendees or how to prevent it from removing these members.
    If you need anything from me to help troubleshoot this, let me know.

    We use Mizus raid tracker as the in game addon. So i re-read what i wrote and i realized how blisteringly terrible it is (i was on my way to bed and apparently very tired and stupid). My note seems to indicate that we are having this error with EQDKP. we are actually migrating to EQDKP and having this issue with our old setup on enjin. As this is one of the biggest issues we have with the enjin version of the DKP tracker, i am trying to figure out how to resolve this in EQDKP before we are using it exclusively.
    I was looking at the xml exports from Mizus and the characters don't have the server name listed anywhere in the export. Since i'll need to be training our guild on how to use EQDKP then i was wondering if it is able to somehow figure out which character name to assign the points to? Or is there supposed to be a setting in Mizus? Or should we consider using a different addon?

    So we have a few people in our raid that have multiple characters with the same name (different servers, all part of the same battlegroup). When we do an import of the raid info, it will see the character name and attach it usually to the wrong character in eqdkp.
    For instance we will have "charactername-skywall" and "charactername-drakthul". both of them are in the guild, but when we do an import, it will attach the dkp info to "charactername-drakthul" since alphabetically, its the first one but we need it attached to the skywall character... is there any way to make sure the imported dkp is attached to the correct character? or do we just have to do the import and make manual changes for any of these users?

    So i found the setting for rli. I think i may have figured out how to add points, even tho it doesn't really have all the options i need. But i have a new issue now where the import gets all the information from the addon, but when i click on "check data" and "finish", rli just sits and spins saying "please wait". So i can't do actually create the raid event.

    Right. I can adjust the points value in the event management for each raid, but that doesn't really fix my issue... We assign a value to each boss, and the raid gets those points in the event of a kill. So I can give the whole raid in event management the value of every boss, but if we only kill one boss in a raid then I would need to adjust every single raid member. Which is a bit time consuming. Plus there is a base amount of points people get for showing up, staying until the end, etc. So the amount of points everyone gets for each raid or "event" changes every time we play. Not sure what the best way to do this is.
    It really makes the most sense to me to be able to just add a points value when i import the raid from the WoW addon. Is there no way to do this?

    Hey everyone,
    Been searching around for some info on what how to use this properly and i can't seem to find what i'm looking for.
    So i've setup EQDKP Plus on an amazon virtual server fine. Everything works. I'm trying to import raid info from a WoW addon. i am even able to import it fine, but i am at a complete loss at how to add the DKP points to the raid that is applied to all of the people that attended. The "raid value" is zero and i cannot change it when i import the XML string.
    The amount of DKP we get for each raid is different based on difficulty and how many bosses are killed in the raid, so i don't think i can just apply a point value to a raid and load that up. Can someone please explain to me what the process usually is for importing raid info from addons and how DKP points are added? i'm positive its just something i'm not understanding about the process but my brain appears to have shut off.