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    Hilaender I've updated the eq2progress for Blood of Luclin. The contested, I can not get the achievement ID until at least one guild kills it because it is hidden until then. It is a Tier 5 mob so will be a while. There will be an update once I get that.

    It is, but unfortunately Everquest 2 is having problems with raids. The achievemend ID's of all Tier 1's have already been erased and replaced with new ones. There is also one missing achievemend ID for the contested raid mob. I will put up what I have now, but expect several updates. I wanted to do it just once...

    No problem, I am working on porting this myself. I've just got the Database install/table creation finished, now I am working on porting the modules/portals

    and the parser, will keep you in the loop, or you're more than welcome to help if you have the time, its quite a rewrite.

    I don't really see the need for any database entries. All that information can be pulled into one xml file with a single API call. Cache it for 24 hours, like the progression module. Then use a php page to gather all the data you want from the file.

    This API call will pull all the info used in that wall of fame:

    I wouldn't have time to look at this till after the holidays, but if you get it working you can use the eqdkp+ dev id once it's done. That way you don't have multiple sites using 2 different dev id's for api calls.

    I'll see what's the best way, but it's definitely not staying as is. For now I'll just comment the guild update out and people can un-comment it.

    Sorry but 99% of the people that use eqdkp+ for eq2 only have raiders on their dkp page, flooding the dkp page with dozens (in some cases hundreds) of toons that are not raiders and do not earn dkp is not the ideal situation.

    As for the cronjon itself, that's not my department ;)

    I'm going to modify this. I don't believe every guild wants their entire guild imported every 24 hours.

    I'm going to change it to just refresh the existing characters in eqdkp+. Basically the raiders only.

    If someone wants their entire guild imported they can use the option in the game settings.

    I know people have used it in the past with EQ2 with success, but there is some work involved. I personally do not use it as I use RH for DKP.

    First, EQ2 Log files are ridiculously large files. ACT does do a decent job of breaking it down into daily files, but even those can be quite large. My suggestion before anything is turning /log off, deleting/backing up/or renaming the log file, and turning /log back on just before start of raid. Then again turning /log back off after the raid. This will make a log file just the length of the raid.
    Again, even these can be quite large to parse as EQ2 combat data will make these files very large.

    I'll try using Raidlog import tomorrow and see if I run into any issues.

    P.S. I know you can turn combat filtering off somewhere in EQ2. That will help tremendously in reducing the file size.

    To be honest, I probably wont. For a number of reasons.
    First and foremost, this is primarily for raiding guilds.
    2nd most of that info is useless. Highest Hit is useless because the game uses Int, meaning it will show tons of players highest hit both magical and physical as being 2,147,483,647 and of course at this point in time you can do more damage than that but it's not exported properly.
    As for the guild make up, it's never 100% accurate.
    First there are toons that have census turned off, so you can't see what class/race/etc they are.
    2nd, if a toon is kicked and never logs in again, they will always show as being part of the guild roster until they next log in. That's on Daybreak's database end, nothing I can do about that.

    I'm already thinking about removing the guild roster page, well the guild achievement portion of it. After 14 expacs and over 400 achievements, it's taking very long to parse all that info and can even time out.

    No promises, but if I have time I'll look into it. Way back I was working on re-creating the guild flag/cloak/heraldry but again, nobody really cares or uses that in Everquest 2, so I dropped the idea.

    I am, to the best of my knowledge it is an old outdated program that is being somewhat maintained. Believe primarily for an old cms called Dragonfly? Phpnuke and other such cms i'm not a fan of. Is there a feature youd like to see in eqdkp+? I am not resolving gear, I have no urge to replicate eq2wire and dragons armory.

    Sorry I haven't checked since last expansion, now that new one is coming out i'm working on it. What is the issue? Because it works on all my live/test sites.

    Just test it on my 2.3 and worked so I'll take a look and see what version is on github/repository.

    Anyway just wait for new version coming out for Planes of Prophecy. Importer is being redone anyway since I can now pull ascension class from api.

    Bug-ID: #1684 - Product: EQdkp Plus Development

    The recruitment module always omits the first class. Have gamebuilder automatically fill in the first class as "Unknown", let the user fill in the additional classes which will all display in recruitment module.