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    Hallo zusammen,

    kann mir wer erklären, was es mit dem Gruppenleiter einer Benutzergruppe auf sich hat?

    Gibt es vlt. eine Funktion, dass ich beim Gruppenleiter die Aufnahme in die Gruppe beantragen kann ?

    Sowas kenne ich aus versch. Forne CMS.

    Danke und Grüße


    Hey ad1k4h,

    its a pain, you are right in that case, there is no other way - hm only thing you might test as a workaround ( very bad in deed I would not recommend ) with al lot of work for you, is to give every user a new password. Username, emailadress could be read from the eqdkp , ok by hand there is no tool for that. Then you make an useraccount for the people, with the new password thas was changed by yourself in the eqdkp acp, after this, send the user an reset password email, the user enters his own new password and so both eqdkp and forum were synced, thats the theorie, advantage, your useres have only to process the password reset and not the entire registration process, disadvantage a lot alot alot of work for you.

    So it is up to you - I would suggest to do it the right way, users have to register at the forum on their own. But trust me, some will do it with the wrong Name, password etc. there will be problems in either case, but you have only to put your hands on the problematic useres, most might do this without any problems so the workload will be much smaller I guess - an hope for you.

    Unfortunately a lot of eqdkp admins get trappes by adding a forum afterwards.

    The better way might be having a forum at first and add eqdkp, if the forum is not needed, do not link to it. In case you will ever need it, you can just set the propper link for all useres - but thats theoretical for us who did it inthe "wrong" way ( As I did it also ;-D )

    So go the hard way, if your members are willing to have a forum, they have to put a bit work on their own for that goal. And the registration in the forums Part can reduced to the absolute minimum, when all old members were migrated, then you can add some more fields and questions to the registration form.

    Never the less have fun with it :thumbsup::thumbsup:

    Do it, if you are really shure that the users will truly use a forum - I spent a lot of time to make it work, styling, plugins etc. but at the end it was a onemanshow, I was the only member posting anything, so I switches it off at the end, and made my life much easier, no updating and maintainung a forum, just a eqdkp which is much less work, and the updates will be donne mostly wihtout any problems, just clicking live updat thats ist. If you will use phpBB the updating process is not so easy and smooth as you know it from you eqdkp - at the phpBB part you have to overwirte files by hand, that ist not so nice in my opinion. The forum itself is an enoumous powerful tool with al lot of extensions etc.

    So decide wisely, if it is really worth the work.

    Have fun - If you have any questions about styling phpBB don't be afraid of asking me, I will help if I can do so.

    So cheers Franky :thumbsup:

    Hey, what Bolldsoul says is really true. I did it the same way. essential ist to use the exact same credentials then ist wors without anny issues.

    But keep in mind, that the whole management of the useraccounts will then be done in the forum. So you have to give the importes usergroups from the forum the propper rights in eqdkp.

    When this is well done there are no problems. The additional bebefit ist that you can use forum plugins fo e.g. newslettesr to your members or much auto administration for special kinds maybe to give some one after a defined time the rank "mebmer" kind of automatic probation period managing.

    And a lot more nice features.

    If you fear to loosen any data or not sure if the benefit will it be worth. Take some of yout members a sa testing group - the testing group will have the benefist, others will not be affected by this test. So you can test ist and make shure everybody will have the propper usergroup and right the need. If the test is unsatified, just switch off the bridge and thats ist.

    Cheers Franky

    Hi zusammen,

    Wie kann ich bei den Portal-Modul-Kalenderanzeigen die Anzeige si verändern, dass einmal alle Flaggen in einer zeile stehen, die Uhrzeit immer 1-Zeilig unter dem Datum angezeigt und die mein Teilnahmestatus links unter dem Icon angezeigt wird ?


    • RAID-1.PNG
    • RAID-2.png

    Hi Leute,

    Gutes Neues Jahr 2020, erst mal vorweg :thumbsup:

    Das Portalmodul Kalendereinträge zeigt nur RAID-Termine an, keine Termine, könnte man das noch ergänzen, dass man auch termine anzeigen kann oder vlt. auswählen ob von einem Kalender termins und/oder RAIDS angezeigt werden können ?

    Thx Grüße Franky :)

    in meiner 2.3 version geht das ohne probleme.

    Und ich würde gerne auf 2.3 gehen aber leider gibt es dort das WoD template nicht :-P


    nun das wäre auch ein Grund zu wechseln und das WoD Template anzupassen :-D so hätten alle was davon. Hilfe bei der Anpassung würdest du hier sicherlich auch finden.

    Grüße Franky

    P.S.: So kompliziert schaut das Template nun auch nicht aus, man könnte das einfach mal mit ner 2.3 ausprobieren, vlt. läufts ja sogar ohne große Fehler.

    Deine Webseite muss bei google registriert und geprüft werden, vorher erscheind da nix:…e-schalten-so-gehts_29978