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    My EQdkp Plus Version - FILE:, DB:

    My PHP Version - 7.4.6

    My SQL Version - Client (10.0.38-MariaDB) Server (10.0.38-MariaDB)

    URL to my EQdkp Plus Installation -

    I can provide any other necessary data if its need.

    So, problem is bit tricky.

    When you enter the site or press f5 (refresh), you will notice that an extra authorization window appears at the bottom for a short time. If you press f5 many times often, you can see the extra authorization window very well. Here are two screenshots of what it looks like. The first screenshot is a normal view, the second screenshot is what appears for a split second while refresh. Can you help me to solve this little problem somehow.

    Sorry for that, but another problem with wiki. When I try to translate page to russian, system said "Saving the translation failed: You must confirm your email address before editing pages. Please set and validate your email address through your [[Special:Preferences|user preferences]].". So I go to preferences, but I cannot write any e-mail, just no field for that, look at the screenshot:

    And I have a fresh idea... Wiki have many interesting articles, so how can I start to translate eqdkp wiki to russian? I tried to click to "translate this page", but got this: "[XxHf61h6zcis4hy6Bcub0gAAANM] Exception caught: text table can no longer be joined directly".

    Oh, profile still had my old URL to EQdkp :) Updated.

    And I already logged in many times into translation tool and even suggested some russian strings there. For some reasons I became "AVoddle" there, capitalize.


    At first, thanks for great DKP system, looks like its the only, nice-looking, impressive DKP and CMS for game we playing - The Secret World.

    And I have the next question. I decided to create some pages with in-game info in CMS, and I did it successfully, it works very fine. Now I would like to create game-style tooltips within these pages. For that, I would like to use tooltip plugin, which demand to add javascript to head block in html code. Is there any way to do it? Thanks.