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    im using the My content module but its showing MY CONTENT as a Custom Header. Is there a way to not have a name for the module just adding a space gets removed and replaced with"My content"

    alright ty :)

    i think you should change the note in the file templates\maintenance\index.tpl line 163 to 166

    If you use this software and find it to be useful, we ask that you
    retain the copyright notice below. While not required for free use,
    it will help build interest in the EQdkp-Plus project.

    seeing as we need to keep the copyright.

    On an other note where is the best place to add extra copyright notes for it to show on the footer on all templates?

    just wandering if its ok to add to the copyright like this:

    seeing as we need to add a footer note about Related Materials of the game we will play.

    or can we not add a copyright on top of yours? we would like to protect the information we add to the site. im trying to find a good balance. we are using your software for free.

    i re install

    i now have a error in the logs:

    >>>> 8a8d84d5835d642c085a22f1356f509d <<<<

    Query: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'tags' in 'field list'


    Code: 0

    Database: eqdkp

    Prefix: eqdkp23_


    #0 DOMAIN/libraries/dbal/mysql_pdo.dbal.class.php(644): DatabaseStatement->error('SQLSTATE[42S22]...', '', 0)

    #1 DOMAIN/core/data_handler/includes/modules/write/repository/pdh_w_repository.class.php(30): DB_Mysql_PDO_Statement->execute()

    #2 DOMAIN/core/data_handler/plus_datahandler.class.php(610): pdh_w_repository->insert(Array)

    #3 DOMAIN/core/repository.class.php(193): plus_datahandler->put('repository', 'insert', Array)

    #4 DOMAIN/core/repository.class.php(140): repository->fetchExtensionList()

    #5 DOMAIN/core/repository.class.php(151): repository->CheckforPackages()

    #6 DOMAIN/core/repository.class.php(491): repository->getExtensionList()

    #7 DOMAIN/core/repository.class.php(76): repository->BuildUpdateArray()

    #8 DOMAIN/core/registry.class.php(70): repository->construct()

    #9 DOMAIN/core/gen_class.class.php(51): registry::register('repository')

    #10 DOMAIN/admin/admin_index.class.php(70): gen_class->get('UpdateCheck')

    #11 DOMAIN/admin/admin_index.class.php(47): admin_index->updatecheck()

    #12 DOMAIN/core/registry.class.php(70): admin_index->__construct()

    #13 DOMAIN/core/super_registry.class.php(208): registry::register('admin_index')

    #14 DOMAIN/common.php(58): super_registry::init('./../', false)

    #15 DOMAIN/admin/manage_logs.php(25): include_once('/var/www/duchyo...')

    #16 {main} <<<<

    looks like its missing a column when it builds the tables.

    hi im geting this error after instaling:

    ./libraries/sql.lib.php#2128: PMA_isRememberSortingOrder(array)./libraries/sql.lib.php#2079: PMA_executeQueryAndGetQueryResponse(array,boolean true,string 'eqdkp',string 'eqdkp23_member_user',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,string '',string './themes/pmahomme/img/',NULL,NULL,NULL,string 'SELECT * FROM eqdkp23_member_user',NULL,NULL,)./sql.php#221: PMA_executeQueryAndSendQueryResponse(array,boolean true,string 'eqdkp',string 'eqdkp23_member_user',NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,NULL,string '',string './themes/pmahomme/img/',NULL,NULL,NULL,string 'SELECT * FROM eqdkp23_member_user',NULL,NULL,)./index.php#53: include(./sql.php)

    how can i fix this ?


    seem to have a problem with GuildRequest i have it setup with the setting Create EQdkp Plus Account, if Application was accepted to ON.

    When the admin accepts the application. The user gets an email saying there account has been created and activated. It also gives them there username. The email says: Your password has been encrypted in our database and cannot be retrieved by anyone. If you forget your password, you may request a new one.

    The thing is it dose not give them there password and when they filled the application it dose not ask for a password. They cant login as they don't have a password sent to them.