Itemtooltip WOW TBC use instead of

We have already announced it 2017, that we will end the development and support of EQdkp Plus. As we are not able anymore to effort the required time to maintain EQdkp Plus, and we didn't received any help, we have decided to end the complete project EQdkp Plus. Therefore, the release 2.3.39 was the last release of EQdkp Plus.

All relevant information are already transferred to GitHub. Additional scripts, documentation and the Source Code is available at our GitHub Repository. The project tools like board, wiki etc. will be removed on

**1st of August 2021**

We want to thank you for your journey with EQdkp Plus over all these years, and wish you a lot of successful raids.

The EQdkp Plus Team
  • Looks like there is no switch to when I'll use wow classic game and "Burning Crusade" extension in options.
    I've got error:…&upgd=&lvl=70&ench=&gems=,,,

    and the real link should be…&upgd=&lvl=70&ench=&gems=,,,

    Item not found.

    1623186290.7253s: getitem called: item_name: Наследие, lang: ru, game_id: 28587::::::::70::::::::, forceupdate: false, data: Пламегор
    1623186290.7255s: Search in cache: wowclassic_ru_28587::::::::70::::::::_YToxOntzOjY6InNlcnZlciI7czoxNjoi0J/Qu9Cw0LzQtdCz0L7RgCI7fQ==
    1623186290.7256s: Item found, but item is baditem. forceupdate set to true.
    1623186290.7256s: Force item-update.
    1623186290.7256s: wowclassic_ru_Наследие_YToxOntzOjY6InNlcnZlciI7czoxNjoi0J/Qu9Cw0LzQtdCz0L7RgCI7fQ== deleted from cache.
    1623186290.7258s: wowclassic_ru_28587::::::::70::::::::_YToxOntzOjY6InNlcnZlciI7czoxNjoi0J/Qu9Cw0LzQtdCz0L7RgCI7fQ== deleted from cache.
    1623186290.7259s: update called: item_name: Наследие, lang: ru, game_id: 28587::::::::70::::::::, data: Пламегор
    1623186290.7263s: Load Parser in priority: 1. localitembase_parser, 2. wowhead,
    1623186290.7263s: Call getitem for parser: localitembase_parser
    1623186290.7281s: Call getitem for parser: wowhead
    1623186290.7282s: fetch item-data from:…&upgd=&lvl=70&ench=&gems=,,,
    1623186291.0989s: no data from URL
    1623186291.0989s: Наследие added to cache in lang ru.
  • Ffixed this with rude coding in /eqdkp/games/wowclassic/infotooltip/wowhead.class.php
    Switched classic to tbc in needed fields.

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