credential caching issues?

We have already announced it 2017, that we will end the development and support of EQdkp Plus. As we are not able anymore to effort the required time to maintain EQdkp Plus, and we didn't received any help, we have decided to end the complete project EQdkp Plus. Therefore, there will be one last release of EQdkp Plus.

All relevant information are already transferred to GitHub. Additional scripts, documentation and the Source Code is available at our GitHub Repository. The project tools like board, wiki etc. will be removed in ca. 2-3 months.

We want to thank you for your journey with EQdkp Plus over all these years, and wish you a lot of successful raids.

The EQdkp Plus Team
  • hey all, ive recently somewhat inherited issues with an existing eqdkp plus, running V 2.3.38

    myself and some users are being logged in sometimes as X person, one of them being a site admin and one being a normal user. you are able to access the admin panel and all while logged in as the Admin.

    i'm seeing a conssitent error in the log :

    >>>> cf8544653fe367a1e530722560913bc5 <<<<

    Query: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column 'session_vars' in 'field list'


    Code: 0

    Database: dbqqy8uqcuzty2

    Prefix: eqdkp_knk_


    #0 /home/customer/www/eqdkp/public_html/eqdkp/libraries/dbal/mysql_pdo.dbal.class.php(670): DatabaseStatement->error('SQLSTATE[42S22]...', '', 0)

    #1 /home/customer/www/eqdkp/public_html/eqdkp/core/auth.class.php(622): DB_Mysql_PDO_Statement->execute('sharedbotsessio...')

    #2 /home/customer/www/eqdkp/public_html/eqdkp/core/user.class.php(99): auth->setSessionVar('lang', 'english')

    #3 /home/customer/www/eqdkp/public_html/eqdkp/core/super_registry.class.php(156): user->setup('english', 0)

    #4 /home/customer/www/eqdkp/public_html/eqdkp/common.php(58): super_registry::init('./', false)

    #5 /home/customer/www/eqdkp/public_html/eqdkp/index.php(24): include_once('/home/customer/...')

    #6 {main} <<<<

  • The column "session_vars" was added almost 6 years ago. You can add it by using the following SQL Query:

    ALTER TABLE `eqdkp_knk_sessions` ADD COLUMN `session_vars` MEDIUMTEXT COLLATE 'utf8_bin' NULL;

    Moreover, we are not caching any session related stuff. Our cached PHP files still have logic and check permissions etc. So maybe your webserver does cache something, but our system sets a no-caching header as default.

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  • yeah, i'm thinking the webserver did or changes were made to do so.

    is there something in apache that we can do to disallow any caching period?

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