Unknown import error - battle.net does not provide an error message

We have already announced it 2017, that we will end the development and support of EQdkp Plus. As we are not able anymore to effort the required time to maintain EQdkp Plus, and we didn't received any help, we have decided to end the complete project EQdkp Plus. Therefore, there will be one last release of EQdkp Plus.

All relevant information are already transferred to GitHub. Additional scripts, documentation and the Source Code is available at our GitHub Repository. The project tools like board, wiki etc. will be removed in ca. 2-3 months.

We want to thank you for your journey with EQdkp Plus over all these years, and wish you a lot of successful raids.

The EQdkp Plus Team
  • Bonjour, j'ai vu votre CMS super pour un jeux que j'utilise WoW mais je rencontre un souci:

    Impossible d'importer la guilde

    nom de guilde: Cavaliers de l'Apocalypse

    serveur: Hyjal

    erreur Erreur d'importation inconnue - battle.net ne fournit pas de message d'erreur

    J'aimerai un coup de main pour réctifier cela merci


    Hello, I saw your super CMS for a games I use WoW but I meet a problem:

    Can't import the guild

    Guild name: Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    server: Hyjal

    Unknown Import Error Error - battle.net does not provide error message

    I'd like a helping hand to rectify that thank you

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