RaidLogImport parser question

  • Recently the everquest server I play on went from max level 50 to 60 so all of the class names of the classes have shifted in certain cases.

    I use the Everquest extended /who parser for importing raids and any time a character has a different class name than that of the EQDKP System, it comes in as "Unknown" class.

    I understand why this is happening, as the EQDKP Does not realize that a Vicar and Templar are also the same as a Cleric. Is there any way to fix this in the parser itself?

    GodMod helped me with the parser several months ago and it has worked great up until now.

    I am assuming I will have to just manually update the classes after import but figured I'd ask if there was anybody that found a work around to this problem.

  • Yes, if you have PHP knowledge, you can adjust the parser and handle your cases during the import.

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