Question: URL clean-up for SEO

  • Hello,

    A couple of questions when time permits.

    1 - Is there a way to remove the question mark? from the end of page URLS /? and the /?s= from the root domain URL?
    For example change to to

    2 - I noticed that the URLs work in lowercase, but menu options for internal items default to the first letter of the first word being capitalized.
    Is it possible force all URLs to lowercase and what method would you recommend? I tried adjusting this in .htaccess, but it didn't work.

    Thank you!

  • There are no options for your requests. Also, removing the ? is not possible, as the urls do not know if they have params or not.

    Also, e.g. having the ? (With seperates the params from the URL) is not SEO related. Also, the search engines are not interested in if you have capitalized letters in the URL.

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