RLI - XML style "EQ Raidloot" no longer parses out date correctly

  • We use a text file and have been for importing raid information - we are still playing Everquest so we are using the EQ RaidLoot" parse feature.

    Our Text files we parse out look like this:

    [Tue Dec 01 18:31:36 2020] Channel Hazelnut(40) members:

    [Tue Dec 01 18:31:36 2020] Adruger, Nuek, Eenelil, Sebat, Drakimeon, Twism, Krunchi, Toastie, Tinkeringmule, Kittyara

    [Tue Dec 01 18:31:36 2020] Xslia, Galamann, Gutzz, Taed, Fluiturflam, Valspar, Voncia, Xyza, Poseidon, Ramine

    [Tue Dec 01 18:31:36 2020] Doledar, Tjay, Docmoon, Oumnusar, Uinamen, Tirundeth, Toomanynotes, Sumdary, Loggmeister, Fyrmn

    [Tue Dec 01 18:31:36 2020] Cellar, Meanstreak, Nepatiz, Telithax, Lanma, Taeleon, Vokah, Elaine, Omnigar, Herran

    Since last patch, the date/timestamp is being ignored, once we import, the Rad information is blank, we click the character's tab and we see our name, we click back to "raid" tab and it defaults in the current date. This use to parse out all the dates for us.

    Install version:

    FILE:, DB:

    PHP Version:


    My SQL Version:

    Client (mysqlnd 7.4.11)

    Server (5.7.28-log)

    Thanks for your work!


    Everquest - Tunare Server

  • GodMod

    Changed the title of the thread from “EQDKP+ import raid log - XML style "EQ Raidloot" no longer parses out date correctly since last update version” to “RLI - XML style "EQ Raidloot" no longer parses out date correctly”.
  • I want to confirm that the last patch corrected this issue. Thank you very much, our dates are parsing out correctly.

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