Fatal Error

  • DKP version - 2.3.20 (the most current)

    PHP Level - 7.3

    SQL version - 5.0.12

    Receive the following error code:

    Internal error code: 20200831:bb5a77b8bbba6ad0f013814370c0782d

    Error log entry:

    31.08.2020 00:53:13 >>>> 20200831:f788f3b5eaafbddc417ffe2a96a9999c <<<<
    Type: ERROR
    Message: Illegal length modifier specified 'f' in s[np]printf call
    Code: File: /home/frayed6/public_html/dkp23/core/file_handler/filehandler_php.php, Line: 125
    File: , Line: , Function: catch_fatals, Object: plus_debug_logger <<<<

    I can get into the system at times but once I try to do anything under administration I start getting this error

  • GodMod

    Added the Label Not a Bug
  • This is a problem of your used PHP Version, see New error after updated to 2.3.33 - Message: Illegal length modifier specified 'f' in s[np]printf call

    Your Hoster ist also mentioned in these Bugreports here: https://www.drupal.org/project/drupal/issues/3152749

    Also, 2.3.20 is not the latest version of EQdkp Plus, that's 2.3.34.

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