Strange behavior of login window

  • Hello!

    My EQdkp Plus Version - FILE:, DB:

    My PHP Version - 7.4.6

    My SQL Version - Client (10.0.38-MariaDB) Server (10.0.38-MariaDB)

    URL to my EQdkp Plus Installation -

    I can provide any other necessary data if its need.

    So, problem is bit tricky.

    When you enter the site or press f5 (refresh), you will notice that an extra authorization window appears at the bottom for a short time. If you press f5 many times often, you can see the extra authorization window very well. Here are two screenshots of what it looks like. The first screenshot is a normal view, the second screenshot is what appears for a split second while refresh. Can you help me to solve this little problem somehow.

  • This is for the jquery login window, and a normal behavior.

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  • GodMod

    Added the Label Not a Bug

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