Cannot find the admin token api

  • :?:Hello I have read here:

    that this call is only available for Admin API Token only however I cannot seems to be able to find this Admin token anywhere I tried with:
    - my user api token which is super admin -> Persmission denied
    - the admin user api token -> Permission denied
    Is anyone able to show me where to find that token please ?

  • Also I have another question not so much related - I decided to workaround and make my own exchange.
    I would like to get the member from a charname param, I have seen that in search exchange there is something like that:

    $arrUsers = $this->pdh->get('member', 'id_list');
    $strSearchValue = utf8_strtolower($strSearchFor);
    foreach($arrUsers as $intUserID){
    $strUsername = $this->pdh->get('member', 'name', array($intUserID));
    $strUsername = utf8_strtolower($strUsername);

    Not being really optimized especially that we have around 1800 members this is quite resource consuming. Is there a way to just query the DB with the PDH of member base on the charname?

  • The database object can be accessed using $this->db.

    A sample query looks like this:

    $objQuery = $this->db->prepare("SELECT member_id FROM __members WHERE member_name=?")->execute($strMembername);
    if ($objQuery){
    $arrResult = $objQuery->fetchAssoc();

    When directly playing with the database, please do not use raw values directly in the query, and use the built-in security mechanisms, see

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