How do I correctly report an error?

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    Report your EQdkp Plus Version number:

    1. Go to the startpage of the Admin Panel, e.g.
    2. Click on the Tab "System"
    3. Copy & Paste the values of "Installed version"

    Report your PHP & MySQL version numbers:

    1. Go to the startpage of the Admin Panel, e.g.
    2. Click on the Tab "System"
    3. Copy & Paste the values of "PHP Version"
    4. Copy & Paste the values of "MySQL Version"

    Report the complete error message

    If you are gettings an error, please report the complete error message. This means: copy & paste it and don't make a screenshot of it. The error-ID is not enough, because it is only a generic ID. You can look up the generic error-ID by following this guide:

    The error code can be used by an administrator to lookup the full error message in the Administration Control Panel via "Logs" >> "Errors". In addition, the error has been written to the log file located at "*/data/tmp/2020-02-25-fatal_error.log" and can be accessed with a FTP program or similar.

    So search for the error ID either in the Logs-Page or in the log file and copy&paste the complete error message.

    Report the URL to your EQdkp Plus installation

    Please make sure that your EQdkp Plus URL in your profile is up-to-date, because it is sometimes easier for us to take a quick look at your installation in order to help you. If you have multiple EQdkp Plus installations, please post the URL to the installation you are requesting help for.

    Report credentials if requested

    Sometimes we need credentials for your system to debug an problem on your system, e.g. if we cannot reproduce issues. In this case, we will request credentials from you.

    Normally, we need the following credentials:

    1. FTP or SCP user with writing permissions to the EQdkp Plus installation
    2. Maintenance User for EQdkp Plus. You can easily create such a maintenance user in your Admin Panel, at the user section.
    3. Database credentials - sometimes we also need database credentials, but that is only in rare cases.

    Before sending the credentials to use, please encrypt the credentials using our Encryption Service which uses state-of-the-art encryption to secure your data.

    When we are finished with our work, please reset the passwords of the user or delete them.

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