Can i Switch the DKP System after Installation?

  • Dear EQDKP Team,

    I would have 2 Questions:

    I decided for ZS (ZeroSum) DKP in Installation.
    How can i change this afterwards?

    If i stick to ZS then how can i make an "Exception"

    Example: Onyxia is not worth to do it ZS because to less points.
    (So we want to give for Onyxia 10 Points)

    So we have the "Solo" Onyxia Raid where we want to give a FIXED Amount of DKP instead of Zero Summ Calculation.


    If i can make the Exception i dont need to change the System.

    If exceptions not possible then i must change the system (question #1)

    Best Regards and thank you very much.<3<3<3

  • In admin panel, you have the table- and pointmanagement. There you can change the point system.

    I don't know exactly what exception means, but you can give different points for raids. But everything applies to the selected point system.

    Viele Grüße,

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