DKP Points shown as total for characters.

  • Hi again :)

    We have a guy in our raid that just switched main character.

    He set the old character to Twink status and then the new one to Main status, so that it would not show up in the standings list on the Point tab.

    When shown in the Points Tab it shows his Total DKP for both his characters instead of just the DKP for his main character.

    I can't seem to find where I set the settings to separate points pr. character and not account.

    If that is possible, otherwise I will just have to make a manual adjustment to his old main and remove his DKP from that one.

    Kind regards

    Caligo :)

  • At the settings page (I thing character or point tab), you have different settings how to handle the Twinks. At the moment, your settings are that twinks don't have own points, therefore the main gets all.

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