[2.3.22] Update Causing Issues with Character Creation and Raid Creation

  • Hey GodMod,

    I updated to 2.3.22 from 2.3.21 earlier this evening, and I am using RaidLogImport I noticed after update that the task manager stated several tables were altered:

    After updating, I tried to import some raid logs and I received errors when I submitted to site:

    Just as a note, the particular character, let's call him "John," it's trying to create was one that was deleted from system about a week prior due to non-attendance, but then suddenly showed back up and started playing again. The import is trying to create "John" and shouldn't have any problem doing so if the character was deleted right?

    When I try to manually add the character via Character Management, I get this error:

    The character I'm trying to create does not show up in list under Character Management as already created.

    I go to SQL Error Logs:

    Any help or knowledge you can share regarding this will be most appreciated! Please let me know if you need anymore information.



  • Thanks for reporting this issue.

    During the update 2.3.22, some Auto-Increments were lost, therefore new characters got the ID 0, which will only work for one char, and then errors on creating chars are thrown.

    The Update 2.3.23 will fix this. You can go to the Live-Update Page and search for new versions. After that, execute the Live-Update and Maintenance Task, and then everything should be fine.

    Viele Grüße,

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