WordPress / phpbb CMS logout issue.

  • Helloes again!

    Am slowly working on our new site for the guild - https://www.nylaathria.dk/nylv5/301-2/

    This time I'm trying to integrate everything a bit better, meaning one unified login for Wordpress, phpbb, and eqdkp plus.

    I've got it working to the point where -

    Login through Wordpress, phpbb, or eqdkp plus correctly logs you into the other CMS'es, no issues.

    However, logging out is my issue.

    Logging out through either WP or phpbb logs you out of both WP & phpbb, however - eqdkp plus remains logged in.

    Log out through eqdkp plus, and it correctly logs you out of all the CMS'es, but you also get this one, when changing to another page - no matter the page:

    So, I'm guessing it's a cookie issue of sorts?
    - Hitting the "back button" removes that error, and pages works fine again - and you're logged out correctly on all the 3 CMS'es.

    What have I missed here

    - I tried changing the cookie to match that of phpbb - I was kind of sure that wasn't the solution.. annnd.. it did make some things kind of weird, like I had somewhat expected really (did ask a web developer pal, though her cookie knowledge was a bit lacking, sadly).

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!


  • Of course eqdkp login stays, if you logout at the other systems. There is no possibility that eqdkp recognizes that you are logout from the other systems.

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  • Ah! Okay.
    So it's not something I'll be able to sort out - that too works as a reply, thank you.

    I suspect the Wordpress / phpBB integration stuff I've done does some more 'under the hood' settings than I've realised, with the bridging things.

    Suppose I just thought the eqdkp plus bridging would've done something along the same lines. :-)

    In either case, thank you for your reply!


    Got an idea about the cookie issue I get after logging out of eqdkp plus, and jumping onto another page?

  • Hm.

    Tried making a test user, seems like it's not being added to eqdkp plus - asks me to login through CMS/forum info, but no such user exists.

    I'll look over my bridging information.

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