Attendance Percentages for Raidgroup Events

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    We have a guild with over 200 members and 4 raidgroups of 40 members each. We have EQDKP running so each raidgroup has its own item pool and dkp pool. We have created a pageobject for each of the raidgroups so they can easily view their DKP data for their group - this is working perfectly fine.

    Members are able to switch between raidgroups to help out when people are unable to join on a certain day or to replace people leaving - this happens more often than not. Swapping members between raidgroups involves a lot of adjustments when switching their DKP from one pool to another which is both time consuming and can cause confusion when looking at adjustment history.

    We want to simplify the way we can achieve this. Having a single DKP Pool would solve the issue as we can move members between raidgroups and the pageobjects would reflect that change straight away without the need to make any adjustments.


    The attendance percentages displayed take into account all events linked to a DKP Pool - have a single pool means that even when a member of a raidgroup attends 100% if their raidgroups events, it will still show around 25% as they have not attended events from the other 3 groups. What we require is for events to be linked to a raidgroup and for the attendances to be calculated based on the number of events they attend for their specific raidgroup.

    My php knowledge is average and I have been trying to understand the EQDKP code to try and get this working. I was hoping you could point me into the right direction on where changes needed to be made. Is this a feature that could be introduced?

  • The way i would see this working is when you create an event you would have a new dropdown list for raidgroups and link the event to specific raidgroup. Then attendance % would be based off the raidgroup you are a member of and the number of events you have attended linked to that raidgroup rather than all events linked to the DKP Pool

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