failed to load custom portal module

  • Hello,
    I just started using your CMS and it was great so far.

    I wanted to add Flag Counter somewhere in the layout and I started writing a portal module for it.

    I've followed as a reference but I am unable to make the plugin load.

    Bellow is source of my plugin and most likely it won't do what I expect but at least I would like that it get's loaded and outputs something.

    I've checked directory structure and I think I've followed guidelines correctly.

    Error log:

    Type: ERROR

    Message: Uncaught Error: Class 'flags_portal' not found in /home/

    Stack trace:

    #0 /home/ portal->load_module('flags', '')

    #1 /home/ portal->install('flags')

    #2 /home/ portal->get_all_modules()

    #3 /home/ Manage_Extensions->display()

    #4 /home/ page_generic->process()

    #5 /home/ Manage_Extensions->__construct()

    #6 /home/ registry::register('Manage_Extensio...')

    #7 {main}


    Code: File: /home/, Line: 333


    File: , Line: , Function: catch_fatals, Object: plus_debug_logger

    Is your wiki up to date or I made mistake somewhere?

    Also if you think I can include Flag Counter without writing a custom portal module, please suggest me the way how to do it.


    I will set correct contact data later

  • You can add own HTML code into the Custom Content Portalmodul.

    To solve your problem: rename the class from mynewportalmodule_portal to flags_portal.

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