Translating into finnish

  • Hello,

    I was thinking of doing translations in the text files themselves, but adding support to all plugins etc. is just so much going between files and I looked at the translation tool itself and it seems nice for the job.

    So my question is, how can I get finnish added to translation options to start translating there or should I just make the files and drop em later in bugtracker?

    Some info on translation process needed in short.

  • I have added finish to the language list - you can now start translating ;)

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  • Thanks for this. I went through the lang_main.php with Tumeski and I came across a couple of small typoes/nonsensicalities on the english lang_main.php (/language/english/lang_main.php?) while doing the finnish translations. I won't bother with making a new thread, so I'll just list the keys here:

    - error_saving_char

    - user_sett_fs_info_notifications

    - user_sett_f_ntfy_eqdkp_calendar_guest_application

    - uc_profile_updater

    - calendar_export_feed

    - raidevent_export_seperator

    - imageuploader_preview

    - maintenance_mode_noauth_warn

    - MM_User_Confirm

    - beta_warning

    - user_sett_f_help_awaymode_note (absence = absent)

    Mainly just minor typoes, but the latter ones were somewhat confusing.