Reverse Proxy with Letsencyrpt

  • Dear all,

    i hope somebody can help me.

    I got an Nginx Webserver that has Letsencrypt Included and acts as a Reverse Proxy.

    The Problem that i have that the EQDKP Side is shown as a Plain HTML Page. See at

    PS.: http://localhost/eqdkp/ works

    Has sombody a working config for me?

    Thanks for your help

  • I tryed also to simplefy the redirection:

    1. server {
    2. listen 443 ssl;
    3. server_name;
    4. location / {
    5. proxy_pass http://vm1/eqdkp/;
    6. }
  • Thanks for your reply,

    i found the solution.

    The XAMPP Apache Server had a false Root Path so that the Nginx Reverse Proxy Searched all PHP Files in Nginx instead of the Apache Server.