Using Discord to Create an Account and Login

  • Hello all!

    I went ahead and created an account using Discord and that seemed to work just fine. But, if I go into my settings and try and change my time zone or display options, or any setting really, when I try to hit save it asks me for an email address as it states it is required. I enter in an email address and then it states I need to enter in a password, so I tried entering in a password, but it failed. Am I not allowed to make any user settings changes if I use Discord as my authentication method?

  • Normally, the Email address is provided by Discord. If it is not, then in this case the administrator has to set it at the ACP, as the password (which is set to a random value) is required for changing the email address.

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  • Ok sounds good, thank you that worked. I put in the email address from the ACP and I can change user settings.

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