New to EQDKP2.3.11

  • So i installed the eqdkp system to the website but having a bit of issues

    Current game : Final Fantasy 11

    1 I would like the items i type the name of an item and it give me a picture of the item. Is this a seprate dowload i have to add to my DKP

    2. I would like to make a webpage that acts as the face of the Eqdkp . Anyway to do this as i and my ls play on a private server and i would like to have something like guildworks but that site isnt updated anymore . please help

    3. Is there a "For Dummy's EQDkp with plug and play feature ?

  • 1) You can use the Localitembase Plugin to build up your item database, where you can upload icons, texts etc from the items. But when adding items to a raid, you have to know the name of the item.

    2) eqdkp is a frontend. You can write news using articles, add more extensions and portalmodules from the portal management.

    3) Just make the quick setup (admin panel index page, tab "support". For more guides, please see our wiki.

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