Discord Bot Notifications

  • Discord Bot Posting incorrectly formatted URL on New Event Creation.

    What Should be Posted: "http://deathinc.net/index.php/Calendar/Calendarevent/Temple-of-sacrifice-story-309.html?"

    What is actually being Posted: "http://deathinc.netindex.php/Calendar/Calendarevent/Temple-of-sacrifice-story-309.html?"

  • I recently setup Discord plugin on my EQDKP site. I am struggling on getting any new raids, updates to raids etc entered into a specific channel within my Discord server. Is that how the Discord notifications are supposed to work? I have gone into my personal user settings under notification and set chan:channelidnumberhere

    I also went into the Admin Panel and modified the Notifications for newly created raids to use Discord. I was wondering how I get Notifications to go into a channel in our Discord server or if I am missing a config somewhere. I was following this wiki https://wiki.eqdkp-plus.eu/wiki/Discord

  • Normally, you should create an own user for the discord notifications. Go to the personal settings of this user and set your desired notifications to use Discord.

    The reason why your admin account is not suitable is that notifications will not get delivered to the user who triggers them.

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