Decay per week

  • Hello ,

    Im currently testing eqdkp and have questions about decay .

    IIts the first time i use this tool and im completely lost ...

    My goal is to apply a 10 % decay for example each week

    I did this

    i added this function to apply a 10% decay

    Am i doing something wrong because my dkp is still at the same value :/

    And secondly , i dont understand the concept of itempool and multidkp ... can someone explain to me what is this about ?



  • If you want the decay every 7 days, you should enter "7" instead of "1" at the interval field.

    Also, you selected today as the start date. Therefore the decay will get executed at the next day. So with the start date you select when to begin, and the next calculation is (start-data+interval).

    For the concept of MultiDKP Pools, see

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  • Thank you very much for your reply

    I entered 1 in the interval field for testing

    So i ll wait until tomorrow to see the decay in action :)

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