Fatal Error when updating to 2.3.7

  • So i was trying to update my warcraft game module and was told i needed to update EQDKP to the 2.3 version in order to do that. I was running 2.2.24. Following the guide, and i got the following :

    A fatal error occured.

    Error ID: b5e838461fedf6f17dacb80f40b2f1ff

    The error message can be looked up at the data/.../tmp/fatal_error.log or at "ACP >> Logs >> Errors"

    Checking the error log listed, i see this :

    I can't get to any pages in the EQDKP installation now. Any suggestions on how i should proceed?

  • As it seams that the live update was not successful, you can download the 2.3.7 from the download section, extract the zip files and copy the files over your existing installation.

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  • I did copy all the files manually. The site loads, and i went to maintenance mode in order to do the updates you speak of in the guide, i rebuilt the point cache (even tho it wasn't listed as an outstanding item). I exited maintenance mode and i still am getting all the SQL errors.

  • I would like to add that i know this is supposed to show up right after the update, but this is after i went into maintenance mode, and did the worker items that needed to be done, like the extension and plugin updates, and the pointcache rebuild. The pointcache rebuild showed as already being done when i went into maintenance mode however. I did do it again to see if that would resolve the issue. It did not.

  • Wow. You are amazing. Thanks so much for all your help, that completely fixed it. I am utterly financially destitute right now, but I promise to make a nice size donation when i have some money again! :)