World of Warcraft Update

  • Hi guys it's me again :)

    I've already updated to the new core version 2.3.7

    [Blocked Image:]

    After the core update was finished i got the notification to update the WoW Game Module

    [Blocked Image:]

    Im cicking on the update button and it seems to run through, because files like the language files i've modified get overwriten.
    There is no error displayed, but still it wants to be updated.

    What do i need to do to update properly? Maybe its just displayed wrong an i need to restart a certain service?

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Well, the newest version of WoW is The package also contains the correct version, and a test update was successful, therefore I cannot see an error on our side. Please make sure that the /game/wow folder is writable, and if the update still does not work, you can do a manual update by download the game from our download section and copy the files over the existing ones at folder /game/wow.

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