Current points doubled for some users

  • I am currently having an issue where the current points for a user is double the expected amount earned for some users.

    For example,

    a user has a +120 point adjustment and has 2 points earned and their current points is 124.

    Another user has 4 points earned and their total shows 8.

    Many users show the expected value based on (earned-spend+adjustment). Many users do not show the expected value and i cannot find anything to explain the difference.

    I have attached a screenshot of the page of some of the users with the least earned and none spent to make it clear what i am referring to. I have tried numerous things to debug/remedy this like disabling our weekly decay, rebuilding point cache, double checking all the settings i can think of yet i am unable to explain what is causing this. I would appreciate any help/guidance on what might be causing this to occur.

  • I should also add, when i do a query against the DB to check the current column form eqdkp23_member_points, i see the correct value.

    Here is an example of checking the first member (first row in screenshot above):

    mysql> select current from eqdkp23_member_points where member_id=(select member_id from eqdkp23_members where member_name="Mulder");


    | current |


    | 122.00 |


    1 row in set (0.00 sec)

    so it has the correct "current" value of 122, but it shows 124 on the web page for that column.

  • The problem was caused by the decay to current points. The decay has added the twice the current points after the last decay which caused the glitch.

    Fixed here:…e775c7396b64195c2f6d7368e

    After that, a rebuild of the point cache is neccessary.

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