World of Warcraft : Classic - Is anyone making a Theme for this?

  • My guild and I are interested in incorporating a World of Warcraft Classic them for our site. I'm curious if anyone is currently working on this?

    I'm also curious, has anyone made a Dark Theme for the standard EQDKP theme?

    Any direction would be appreciated, thanks!

  • You can easily adjust the colors at the extension management. Just click on the style you want to edit, and will get a lot of possibilities to change colors to a dark theme of the default theme.

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  • Hey Audy,

    as GodMod told try the color changing ability of the theme. If you have any problems with that, give us a note - or ask exactly wherer the issues are. Then you will get help.

    So I don't play WoW I don't know how al classic theme schould look. If you have any Ideas, just write them down or make an Picture and some notes where and what to change. Then I will have a look at it, if I am able to help you. I am a DIY :-D no professional Programmer, so some things might be done by me, and for other things I don't have the needed knowledge. But give it a try. I would recommend to try the color changing and maybe an other backgronud picture, maybe a Guild sign and maybe a Banner. These graphics can be places in the theme via the acp, so no programming is needed.

    Good luck


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