Everquest 2 for EQDKP 1.0 Available

  • Hi All,

    I'm bringing up a version 1.0.11 of EQDKP Plus, but it does not have EQ2 as a game extension. The available Everquest2 extension from the repository only support 2.X. Is there an older version available that supports EQDKP 1.0?


  • Hey ,

    switch to the actual version 2.3. It is more powerful and much safer than the old 1.x systems.

    It ist worth the time and effort to do so. Then you will have a solid base to start from into the future.

    Cheers Franky


    Test Installationen für Style anpassungen an 2.3 und Spielereien
    Testseite 2.3

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  • Yes, I have a site built with version 2.3, but I'm having trouble migrating the data from the old 1.0 site. I thought I could keep the 1.0 site running until I get this worked out. Another post says that the eq2 extension for 1.0 is available, but the repository only allows the most current version to be exposed on the web site.

    Thank you for responding.

  • We removed all 1.0 extensions from the repository. You can take a look at github, there you can find eq2 releases, but I cannot tell you which is the latest version working with 1.0.

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