eqdkp-plus 2.2 - Fatal Error - Memory Allocation

  • Hi. I started to have issues with my eqdkp site a few days ago. Members reporting slow speeds and errors. I am seeing some fatal errors due to memory allocation. I have checked php.ini and memory_limit is set to 128M. Server memory is fine. 6.9G free. 95% of the eeors seem to be from the cache_file_class.php. Running EQDKP-Plus 2.2.22

    >>>> 30a4be4ac888b01b61c5e23f3d55e711 <<<<

    Type: ERROR

    Message: Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 106496 bytes)

    Code: File: /var/www/html/core/cache/cache_file.class.php, Line: 52


    File: , Line: , Function: catch_fatals, Object: plus_debug_logger


  • You might need to do a consolidation of your old events (raids tied to it) and just do some adjustments on people if their dkp doesn't match up. I had a very large raid table and raid attendance table and consolidation fixed it from using too much memory. You might also look into moving your site to a host that gives you more memory to work with if your current host wants to charge you for more memory. I moved my sites over to Amazon AWS. The free tier gives you 1 gig of memory and root access, so resources are all yours and not tied into other people on the server. I run 2 everquest guild sites on their own instance on the tier just up from the free tier which gives me 2 gigs of memory per instance and signed on with reserved pricing which makes it much cheaper. If you need help with setting up a site, let me know, I know how to install all that and configure it.