Need Help Failed install

  • Tried to install to 2.3 but failed and reverted back to 2.2.19 and now getting this:

    Installed versionFILE:, DB:

    New members unable to register and getting debug errors -

    Query: Unknown column 'user_alimit' in 'field list'


    Query: Unknown column 'birthday' in 'field list'

    Do I add these to the database?

  • Also, what exactly does this mean?

    Means when I updated to 2.3 the alignment of the php was not aligned properly and I was getting errors, I reverted back to 2.2.19 and didn't think any thing of it until I got reports that users were able to register. I will try and upgrade again this weekend and be more detailed if needed.

  • Before upgrading, the eqdkp created automatically a database backup. Check the folder data/<hash>/eqdkp/backup for backups. Or restore the 2.3 files and try changing your template.

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