Inserting Content into Mass Mails Does not Function after Upgrade from 2.2.19 to Latest 2.3

  • So I just Created Test site in hopes of Migrating my EQDKP 2.2.19 Installation to 2.3 RC 7

    Steps I too for the Upgrade:

    Placed Site in Maintenance Mode

    Copied Entire installation (including PHPBB) to a subdomain

    Exported the SQL database through MyPHPAdmin

    Created a new Database, imported the exported SQL file,

    Renamed the Data folder following guidelines laid out in the wiki for moving hosts.

    Edited config.php (for both PHPBB and EQDKP) to reflect new MySQL database Configuration.

    Logged in to verify Functionality, and uninstalled any templates that I had modified.

    Overwrote EQDKP Install with EQDKP-Plus 2.3.0 RC7

    logged in and completed upgrade in Maintenance Mode (Including All Modules, Templates, and Plugins)

    Only error I have come across so far, I am Unable to insert Content into Mass Emails (Either News or Next Events) via Administration Panel>Users>Mass Mail

    I have turned on debugging, and checked error Logs but nothing is outputted. Nothing when you click "Insert Content" After Selecting

    what you want inserted.

    I can Send Mass Mails, Via the Calendar and have that particular event I selected in the calendar Inserted, but only through the calendar.


    Client (mysqlnd 5.0.12-dev - 20150407 - $Id: b5c5906d452ec590732a93b051f3827e02749b83 $)

    Installed version FILE:, DB:
    data folder
    Database name db686519329
    Table prefix eqdkp22_
    EQdkp started at 11.07.16 09:38 pm
    PHP Version 7.0.29 Detailed PHP Information
    PHP Safe Mode Off
    Register Globals Off
    CURL On (7.38.0)
    Fopen On
    MySQL Version
    Server (5.5.59-0+deb7u1-log)
    Database Size 8.02 MB
  • I did for get to mention in the above steps, I also Edited all Entries in the SQL Database to reflect the Domain Name Change.