General question regarding extension updates

  • So i haven't really had to do any updating with eqdkp, but I have an extension update available and the message it gave me when i went to update made me a little gun shy. Does it overwrite any of the settings i've already made, or customizations? i assume the database info with the existing points and players is not effected by any extension update?

  • An extension update updates the extension ifself. Means exactly: the files from the extension, and - if necessary - its database tables and settings.

    We only overwrite settings of the extension if it is necessary - so 99% percent of the time you do not even notice that something has changed.

    And yes, extension updates to not affect the core (points, players etc.). They are only affected when we release an core update, and then if something has changed at these sectors. So we try to make updates as comfortable as possible.

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