Usage of EQdkp Plus Development Versions

  • This entry should help you to use Development Versions of EQdkp Plus.


    We develop EQdkp Plus at GitHub.

    We use Trunk-based development. This means, that the master branch contains our development and is therefore unstable. For each major version we create an own branch, which is stable.

    Test new versions - Development branch

    You can test new versions before they get released. Therefore you can use the code from our master branch at GitHub.

    One more time, please note that this branch is unstable. We also do not provide any possibility to downgrade to a stable branch. This means, if you are using a development branch, it is not possible to get back to a stable one (it is possible, if you stop at a release date, of course).

    Test new versions - Beta releases

    From time to time, we release beta packages. These packages contain an almost stable version of the recent development.

    To get beta releases, you have to add the following code to your config.php file:

    define('REPO_CHANNEL', 'beta');

    One more time, please note that if you use development versions, you can only get back to a stable one if the final major version is released.


    You can use this board for support questions regarding the development. But if you use development versions, this means that we are working on the code. Therefore, it is possible that we just say "Is in development" or something like that. As we are developing EQdkp Plus in our free time, it can take some time if we will fix your problems.

    Track the development

    To track our development, you can use our Bugtracker. Also, you will find our recent code at GitHub.

    Moreover, we built a page where you can track the changes at all of our Plugins etc.:


    If you want to support as at the development of EQdkp Plus, please give us Feedback, Bugreports or do Pull Requests at GitHub so we can directly merge your changes.

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