New raid released in game, not in EQDKP

  • Hey Everyone,

    Not really sure what the process here is supposed to be, but a new raid has just been released in WoW, and its not available as a selection when doing the import. Is this something that gets updated automatically? Is it a part of the EQDKP updates, is it a game update, an extension update? Sorry for the ignorance, i'm just not sure what or if there is anything i need to do to resolve this.

  • In general: Since we do not play World of Warcraft ourselves, we do need information about new content, that should be included into our system.

    As you did not name the raid, I cannot really check, if it should be there already.

    If we have already included it into the game files for your game, you should be able to update it from your extension management on the "game" tab.

    You could also add additional events on your own, from the admin panel.

  • Although if i'm understanding you correctly, i can just create the raid manually in event management? I assume that the raid name is really just a descriptor for the group of items that are looted. And the items are pulled from blizzards database? Cause the newly looted items from the new raid do seem to be showing up correctly.