Request for Pantheon Rise of the fallen

  • Thank you for your request. Since we are currently working heavily on the next release version of EQdkp Plus, we cannot do this for now.
    Maybe someone from our community can help you with it in the mean time?

    Additionally, you could check our GameBuilder tool. If you manage to build support for your game, please report back, so we can include it into our repository. :)

  • When building a game I just tend to get the class and race dropdowns as blank. Not sure what I may be doing wrong.

    Json file

    {"icons":{"classes":{"classes":[],"races":[]}},"common":{"v":"1","g":"pantheon","l":"english"},"classes":[{"name":"class","type":"classes","primary":true,"admin":false,"decorate":false,"colorize":false,"roster":true,"recruitment":true,"parent":false},{"name":"race","type":"races","primary":false,"admin":false,"decorate":false,"colorize":false,"roster":false,"recruitment":false,"parent":{"class":{"3":[1,2,4,5,8],"5":[1,2,9],"10":[1,4,8,9],"12":[1,2,3,4,5,8,9],"13":[1,2,4,7],"1":"all","2":[2,8,9],"4":[2,3,4,7],"6":[2,7,9],"9":[2,3,4,5,7,9],"11":[2,4,7],"7":[3],"8":[4,5]}}}],"classcolors":[],"roles":[],"lang":{"classes":{"1":"Cleric","2":"Dire Lord","3":"Druid","4":"Enchanter","5":"Monk","6":"Necromancer","7":"Paladin","8":"Ranger","9":"Rogue","10":"Shaman","11":"Summoner","12":"Warrior","13":"Wizard"},"races":{"1":"Archai","2":"Dark Myr","3":"Dwarf","4":"Elf","5":"Halfling","6":"Human","7":"Gnome","8":"Ogre","9":"Skar"}},"sig":"bb4205de9f290322bdc6bde2d2aed848"}

  • Meep,..

    seems that there are some problemes with the language file of your game. Verify that the files are not missing and try to delete the EQdkp Cache.

    And you should add in your lang file of the game something like this:

    1. 'lang' => array(
    2. 'pantheon' => 'Pantheon',
    3. 'uc_race' => 'Race',
    4. 'uc_class' => 'Class',
    5. ),

    This will fix the ugly field names "uc_class" etc.

  • Hi Guys,
    I've programmed a game plugin for Pantheon rise of the Fallen.
    With official support from Visual Realms.

    can I upload this somewhere?

    I will always update the packet.

    Status: VIP of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

    Die Frage ist nicht ob man sowas Programmieren kann, sondern wie!

    if ($realLife <= 0) break;