question regarding GetDKP

  • Hi,

    I find there is a lack of information on how to use the GetDKP probably.
    I used the Jdkp and loaded the information from the eqdkp site to the GetDKP, however, i still get the message upon logging in "There are no items inn your QDKP" what does this mean?

    Secoundly, the addon seems abit buggy, i go and add dkp to a player in a raid group but it is not showing that it has added any dkp if i look at the gdkp list.

    Is there a place where i can see a full command list that i can use for this addon ?

    Lastly, with the new update it would seem that the ui is bugging abit, look at picture below.

    [Blockierte Grafik:]

  • Ok, so at least JDKP and your EQDKP seem to work correctly.

    If you want to ged rid of the warning message in your error.txt follow these steps (completely optional, this warning does not relate to the functionality of JDKP but comes because Java itself wants to save preferences in the registry inside the key "HKLM" instead of "HKCU", which would be standard):
    - open the registry editor (regedit.exe) as an administrator
    - create the following key dependent on your system (no value has to be inserted):
    a) if you are running 32bit Java on a 64bit operating system: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\WoW6432Node\JavaSoft\Prefs
    b) all other cases: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs
    The JavaSoft key itself should already exist.

  • Sorry for late response.
    Been busy in Company last few days.

    The UI fix is allready halfway done.
    The errormessage is due to the following:
    I assume you have allready DKP for some players, but no associated loot.
    Therefor, EQDKP is teeling you, that DKP Data is loaded, but it cant find loots, wich is in some way odd ;)
    But i guess, that i will turn off notification with next patch, as i am annoyed by this message as well ;)

    The add command should like this :
    /dkp+ *Playername* *amount* *dkp-name*

    where *dkp-name* is the DKP Raid accountname (mostly just dkp, but dont know if you called it somethiong like "legion-raid" (Names can be looked up in either website or in GetDKP config in cat. "Get DKP List"
    Unfortunatelly, i just realized this command is broken, so i need to fix that one as well.

    A full list of manual command will be listed on command "/gdc help"

    Just in case you didnt know, GetDKP is working in harmony with "M;izus Raidtracker", making it easy to keep live dkp.

    So pls stay tuned for next update, which i am keen to hope, will release on saturday or latest sunday



  • looking forward to the update.

    i tried your command fx. /dkp+ raid Classic 100
    i recieved the notifcation in raid chat that ive given all members in raid 100 dkp, however when i look at the list /gdl i dont see the dkp ive added, still says 0 on every member in the raid.

    i then tried the command /dkp+ playername Classic 100 and all i saw was a postback saying startest. and nothing els happened.

    is there a way to run live dkp, so see the actual changes to dkp we give or take from a player during a raid night?

    again it would be nice to have an instruction on how to use GetDKP, just to get an basic understanding on how you should use it.

    Sorry for asking so much, i really see the potential in this addon and with the website and all that, but i just lack the instructions on how to use it correctly :)

  • Unfortunatelly, i just realized this command is broken, so i need to fix that one as well.

    Release with fix is going live tonight.

    Best way to use GetDKP (in my opinion) is the combination with Mizus Raidtracker.
    As soon as loot is given to a raidmnember, Raidtracker asks for the cost.
    GetDKP will automatically correct the amount of DKP spend, without any further need for you to adjust DKP

    The adjustment Command is usefull, in case u want to give Credit to a member for his/her splendid work (award dkp)
    or do a live punishment (dpk substraction)

    Most valuable commands:

    • /dkp+ *Playername* *amount* *dkp-name* //Adds amount of DKP to Player on selcted Raid-name
    • /dkp- *Playername* *amount* *dkp-name* //Substracts amount of DKP to Player on selcted Raid-name
    • Same as both above but instead playername = "raid" //Adds or substracts value for each player in raid

    To be fair, i did never use those, as i had no need to live add/sub any DKP as we took care of buisness with Raidtracker and DKp was awarded after raid was finished.

    If you have further questions, dont hesitate to contact me ingame on Yunalescar#2128 so we can meet in Teamspeak for a nice talk ;)

  • Awesome, ive added you on battlenet.

    nice update on the addon btw, it actually updates if i do /dkp+ raid etc. but i stil cannot give a single player dkp+ or - nothing happens when i press enter.

    I see how MRT works really well with GetDKP thanks for pointing that out :)

    I noticed that on the GetDKP config tab on the Get DKP List tab ive got 2 buttons, Send List Data and Ask for Data, when i press on Send list data im thinking it would send the information from the addon to the website, but all it does is blink GetDKP is send DATA, whatever that means?

    My main goal here is to be able to load the websites point into the addon, and then run everything live in-game. The thing is, i would like to give lets say 15dkp for each boss we kill and then use MRT to subtract whatever dkp from the GetDKP list, and once raid is over, export all the new information from GetDKP to the eqdkp website.

  • Well you actually can do it kinda like that.

    btw, can you try use "playername-realm" this might fix your problem. I did add an interrealm fix so realm should be of no intrest but playername, yet it mitgh not work as i intended to.

    The way you want to use GetDKP is the same we did, expect we did award dkp after raid, makeing it easier to keep track ^^.
    Only thing you have to take care is, that MRT is not logging your dkp awards for kills. you have to tell eqdkp-plus that each killed boss is awarding 15dkp on import.

    And : Nice to be of help ;)

  • So, after a few runs with GetDKP and MRT ive got a few feature/bugreports

    I've noticed a few times when interacting with blizzards UI, that i get an UI error from blizzard, saying that GetDKP is preventing something, and wants me to disable GetDKP addon or ignore it.
    sometimes its when i want to put a raid marker on the floor, and sometimes its just when i click on the blizzard raid UI. Its not bugging out always, and usually will go away after the next boss pull.

    The other thing is, when we do the cost of an item that dropped in raid via MRT, the GetDKP list does not update accordingly, meaning MRT has no effect on GetDKP, i dont know if this is a bug, if not then i would suggest it as a feature.

    And lastly, Is there any chance to have a feature when there is 2+ people that has GetDKP, the addon can communicate with each other, so when there is a change to the DKP from like MRT, the GetDKP list would update on all players who have the addon in-game?