GetDKP deduct % of total dkp when winning loot.

  • Hi,

    I'm trying to figure out your GetDKP addon for World of warcraft.

    I see that Bet and win with the 2nd rule is what my guild is looking for. but, is it possible to have it remove, lets say 30% of their total dkp if they win, instead of a fixed number like 50 dkp?


  • Hi,

    this is an interesting idea.
    I'll check if i can implement an aprropriate function and switch to activate such an option (seeing an upcoming "Rule 4" :D )

    Can you please tell me more about the kind of biding?
    Do they just say, they want the item and the person with highest DKP wins it, or do they actually bid?
    The more i know, the better i can code it and give u (in case i can implement it) a nice UI for this ;)


  • Hi Sorry for the late reply,

    Yes, the thing is in my guild we used to run with webdkp, but as its no longer supported since 2014, we need something reliable.

    an idea for rule 4 would be that; lets say an item drops, okay we start the biddings as in people whisper to the master looter, need or greed, main or os(as in offspec), the person who whispered need or main, then who ever has the highest DKP wins the item, and then 30% of his/her's total DKP amount is taken.

    however if the person whispers greed or OS only 15% of his/her's total DKP is taken.

    and still have like bet and win options, so there is a form of a countdown for whoever has the highest dkp wins the loot.

    This would be awesome if it could be ready before in 2 weeks time when legion raids is starting :)

    let me know if you need anymore infomations.