Regarding the Beta 1.0 - issue with styles.

  • Hello guys,

    Idk if I should even write here about Beta 1, but still maybe it could point you to some problematic parts for users...

    Im facing an issue and its like a bug in my head. Ive installed the Beta 1.0 dlded from ur main page link. Installation went fine, no errors, all marks green. (even all required server side settings.)

    But after installation the styles looks like broken. I enabled debugging, and the php question into database for style ID is correct, but the style just dont appears... Idk if its related to any CHMOD settings of a folder.

    Style change in DB works fine, and the php question for style ID is ok too when im trying to change it.

    Do you think u can just throw an eye on it?



    For sure the link is :

  • its probably a problem with an .htaccess.
    it seems so as if most hosters dont allow the option "Option All -Indexes" in .htaccess-files, so while we are searching for a workaround, please delete the .htaccess in the data folder

  • Hello,

    deleting .htaccess did the trick. Now are the pages displayed correctly.

    On the otherhand, setting CHMOD for data folder and all included folders/files has no effect.

    Thanks for your support guys!

    Have a nice day.