get DKp commands

  • Hi there,

    sorry for the wait, as i stated in the other thread of yours (pleas check the post i've wrote about your settings to ensure your dkp show up ;) )

    You can use :

    /gdc => Get Dkp Config
    /gdl => Get Dkp List
    /gdb => Get Dkp Bet'n'win

    aditionally (ony use to make sure you start all over!)
    /gdc reset => Reset all configurations to a standard configuration (Makes sure, that if you used older Versions, changes in type and value of some settings won't mess up your Addon - see changelog, up top which previous version you should run this once ;) )

    Sure there are more options, but they usally aren't needed except for debuging, because they show up for themselves insgame and wouldn't contain any Information at all;)

    Raidmembers can ask their DKP if

    1. they Ask someone with a filled DKPList
    2. this person actually set the config to allow whispers
    3. the asking person actually has DKP or at least is listed
    4. whispers to you (or someone who has 1.& 2.) "dkp"

    there are a lot of option to that whisper :

    "dkp" => returns DKP of asking player
    "dkp 'playername' " => returens DKP of a specific player (please not, that you might add the "-realmname"
    "dkp 'class'" => return DKPList of all players belonging to a specified class ("warrior", "mage" ...)
    "dkp 'token' 'class'" => return DKPList of all players belonging to a specified token, that involves specified class
    "dkp 'armortype'" => return DKP that envolves specified armortype (eg."mail", "plate"...)

    I hope that answered your question fairly enough.

    On any other Questions, please dont hesitate to contact me (i also accept PMs :D )



    Actually this one was a big one....

    Jdkp represents Users with Realm including spaces...
    getDKP Whispers get Realmname without spaces...

    Had to crosscheck with a list to fix that.
    should be working fin on those... **cough** 61 realms concerned -.-