MRT Autocost

  • Hi,

    if you have both on current version, and MRT autocost activated at GetDKP,
    as soon as you enter the cost for a looted item in MRT, GetDKP will use the entered Value and Item to adjust the current list of DKP ingame.

    If person A has a current state of 100 DKP and gets the item [Somethin'Cool], you get asked for the price in the moment, the item is handed to that player. If he has given a bid , e.g. 30 DKP and you enter this DKP, MRT will track it in its logs, but also GetDKP will add the Item to its list with the cost of 30 DKP, won by person A.
    If you now look into the live DKP List of GetDKP (/gdl) you will see, that ingame the current DKP state of person A has decreased to 70DKP)

    This function thereby allows the raidlead to see, if someone has the right to bid the amount of DKP and keeps track of anything looted while the session.
    Please note, that this wont replace the procedure of inserting the MRT export to your eqdkp-plus as well as the following update with JDKP.

    I hope this did answer your question, else just give me a hint of direction your question was pointed to.